Pulp & Paper
ValvTechnologies provides a range of products that offer unique solutions to isolation and control applications in pulp & paper.

We provide a four-year zero-leakage warranty on vent and drain valves for the power and recovery boilers. ValvTechnologies’ electronic relief valve (ERV) provides over pressure protection for conventional safety relief valves, in steam systems throughout the mill. Our HVOF RiTech® coatings give unmatched wear and corrosion resistance. This technology significantly increases valve reliability in areas such as pulping and liquor recovery.

  • Pulping
    • Digester steam control
    • Digester gas-off screen
    • Blowback white liquor black liquor
  • Pulping Kraft Recovery and Causticizing
    • Steam isolation and control
    • Weak & strong black liquor knotter
    • Screen backwash
  • Power and Recovery Boilers
    • Electronic relief valves
    • Rapid drain emergency
    • Drain valves
  • Additional Applications
    • Sky vents
    • Dryer pressure control

Twenty-Four Years of Exceeding Expectations

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada
Application: Boiler drum vents
Product: V Series 2" Class 1500 metal seated ball valve

A leading producer of specialty paper products was experiencing significant steam leakage from their existing globe valves resulting in costly valve maintenance and unplanned shutdowns. Learn how ValvTechnologies provided a decades-long solution that saved the mill over $19,000 in annual labor costs and helped to recover the lost fuel producing steam.

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