Hydrogen: The Way of the Future

ValvTechnologies was recently featured in May 2022 edition of Hydrocarbon Engineering. “As the world turns its attention to hydrogen as a primary energy resource, equipment manufacturers are gearing up to manage it. Richard Laukam, ValvTechnologies, and Tim Webb, Severn, discuss the pivotal role of valves in supporting a hydrogen economy.”

At present, hydrogen is dominating the headlines worldwide. This is no surprise, as this versatile fuel seems destined to play a crucial role in the world's transition to a low-carbon economy.

As the simplest and most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen offers great promise. The International Energy Agency (IEA)'s 'Future of Hydrogen' report asserts that, globally, clean hydrogen is benefitting from unprecedented political and business momentum, with both policy initiatives and projects expanding rapidly.

The report suggests that there is currently a major window of opportunity to upscale hydrogen worldwide. In keeping with this, countries across...

"Looking to the future: ValvTechnologies and Severn will continue to develop and refine products to meet the exacting performance an safety standards of the energy transition"

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